As your life changes so will your circle..

As your life changes so will your circle.
Yes, but today I am not going to write about all those changes but the one which I feel should not change. But yes it does and those are circumstantial changes and for your own good.
Friends, yes you heard it right!
You lose lot of your friends after you have a baby and those who stick by your side, no matter how. Try to remain stick to them no matter what.  We actually filter out those friends with benefits, friends who are on social media with you just to keep an eye in your life, to peep in your life and feel happy if you are not doing anything. Those few who think yar sahi hai bhut blogger banti thi ab ghar baithi hai no job except baby sitting.
I know I may sound harsh but that’s the reality and we must accept it with grace like how we are ageing . Yes of course gracefully and maturely.
People who are happy to see you doing nothing in your career. Guys we are doing the hardest job of our life and those who are balancing both work and home I salute you mommas. You are doing an amazing job and if you are a mom who is baby sitting you are no less infact you are brave enough to change your career path, from a career oriented woman to a full time baby sitting momma.
A mother’s love can never be less no matter what you do. So ladies stop judging each other and stop treating your so called friends badly coz she is a stay at home momma and now you have no benefits attached.

People and friends who keep a constant check on you to know if you are doing fine or not and on your postpartum issues and concerns are the ones who should matter in your life. I do miss my friends my social life but I am sure I will cherish it more once my baby grows up coz now I will know those few good friends and those few would be rock solid ones. No drama, no fake smiles just heart to heart talk. Though I understand everyone have their own life and they are so busy in so many things but yes you do filter out that part with your brave mind and heart instincts.
I am planning and thinking to write on all postpartum concerns  from my point of view many of you will disagree or agree,so please feel free to share your thoughts on the same.


These selfies are fake!

This world is fake and so are these pictures are fake.

Yes, I am not writing this to demotivate anyone but I am writing this for those momma’s who browse Instagram or Facebook or any other social networking place in their free time thinking “wow yar being mother how come she is having a perfect life, perfect figure, just everything perfect” . But it is not so..

Nothing is perfect don’t judge anyone by looking at their single or multiple pictures, it can be matter of time that it came perfect. But the real story behind can be different, those pictures can be something else like she may had a hard day with her baby boo but one nice click she tried at the eod and that came nice and boom she posted it and we as the viewer might think how come she is looking so glowing and so many things..xyzz we all know those thoughts. Don’t we know those thoughts.

Me being mommy I have really lost interest in clicking selfies but whenever I do I start judging myself . No this is not a perfect pic for my insta feed. But yesterday I was thinking while browsing few insta feeds and was thinking that it is not at all required. Nothing can be perfect. Infact there are lot of moms who need to get a reality check so let’s just post the reality behind so that if it can’t motivate them den at least they can relate with the true reality of motherhood and story behind those hard earned selfie or picture.

Like this one was taken when we went to a restaurant yesterday that too after so many weeks and just after clicking this my baby started getting clingy coz it was little warm and she was feeling little suffocated der. So we finished half of our dinner quickly and left. Yes it’s not easy for any mother you make so many changes in your life but it’s so beautiful.. Hope this post may help few new mommas….
Note: I too have very bad dark circles珞 and fine lines and yes my hair are getting grey with the speed of light.


Kurti style that can be carried in office

Style No.1

Take that pretty simple kurti, wear those little jhumkas, wear a Black little bindi and make a Bun and here you are. I think this is the simplest of all and we all try that when we have NO time and NOenergy to dress up.

But don’t forget to ADD these little things and trust me that makes a lot of difference. Doesn’t require much of your time.


Style No.2

I am sure we all have that sweet and sober suit sleeping nicely in your wardrobe and  we rarely get a chance to wear that or we ignore that whatsoever. So this summer keep a tab on those suits and pick the one which is not that bright but very light.



Pick a good chandbalis.

Kohl Kajal.

A small bindi.

kolhapuri chappals ( I am wearing the POM POM one).

Green kohl eyes will also look perfect on this.

And of course open hair. Once you are done put a nice lipstick shade that suits you most  and you will get your second look right.


Style 3:

This style is all about your “trendy  kurti” with vibrant color like mine was purple. So when I was accessorizing it I kept in mind I should have matching colored earrings with this also the concept is more of matching on matching.



Like you are not going to wear contrast things you will keep most of your stuff matching.

From earrings to slippers to your eye shadow color 🙂

Yes you heard it right!


So the concept behind is that you do not have to hustle much to give a nice mix and match look, you just have to pick matching earrings with your kurti color and matching lipstick and matching eye shadow and it will do.


Style 4:

This look is called chanderi look.


Yes so sometimes we have that kurti which has some golden base and we think that god! this is golden and we really can’t do much after wearing this. Thinking that if you will do, it will make you look super Bright and jhinjhang ( means more of clown like face) :P.

So here you are right, If you wear Golden color base clothes in office you have to keep in mind you don’t do much on top of that otherwise it will give that overdo impression. So to be on safe side follow below steps.

Kohl kajal + Winged eyes.

A small bindi and nude lipstick will solve all our concerns.

Also very light and small golden jhumkas will do. Otherwise you can wear a small stud that will also go best with these type of kurtis.


So this is all about some basic kurta styling tips that you can remember whenever you are wearing in your office for the next time.

I hope it was some help. Do let me know if you look forward to see more such blogs.

Thanks and Love

Beautyphiles 🙂



Keep your love loyal for ethnic.


Huzoor khata hui bas itni ki pyar hua har uss cheez se jo dikhti khoobsoorat hai,

ab wo insaan ho ya cheez iss nacheez ko farq hi kya….

On this note would like to bring some points into notice my love for junk and oxidized jewelry is like hot chocolate on top of vanilla ice cream, I know we all love it yeah yeah :P. So whenever I wake up in the morning first thing I try to select is a perfect pair of oxidized jewelry with my western or Indian outfit.

I woke up and was thinking to wear this new Kurti which I purchased from Jabong.com, also accessorize it perfectly with some of oxidized jewelry and what is better then wearing a pretty long jhumka that matches your kurti colour also some mirror ring.

So once I was done with this selection for which I precisely took (10 mins) and I think which is quiet cool because getting ready and looking well groomed is what one should always prefer in the morning. Reason Morning compliments makes your day! Don’t you agree more.


Ye zulfe khol de khuda bhi khada hai tere didaar ko..

Haha so this basically indicates when no hairstyle looks good on you open your hair put some blow dry and you ready to rock the stage. (Oops I meant your office, which is your stage because you work and perform there).

Finally Red lipstick from Sugar cosmetics, Shade name : Scarlett O’Hara (Red).

Also I will provide the link below for the same from where I have purchased.

Of course how can you miss on eyeliner with a wing.

Eyeliner from Lakme, Name: Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner – Black (4.5ml).


And finally a Kolhapuri sandals which is my favorite of all when it comes to wearing kurti.



and here is the coclusion basically which I keep giving on my instagram account as well.

A kurti looks best with oxidized and junk jewelry + Red Lipstick +Winged eyes Or Kohl eyes + Kolhapuri chappals.

And you are sorted. 🙂

Keep this in mind and you will never go wrong with your indo fusion or ethnic look.

Have a great day.

Final picture :


Links which could be of your help :

Lipsctick : http://www.nykaa.com/sugar-matte-as-hell-crayon-lipstick.html?ptype=product&id=31362?&root=search&searchterm=sugar%20red&type=product

Eyeliner: http://www.nykaa.com/lakme-absolute-shine-eye-liner.html?skuId=6808

Kurti : May not exist on Jabong site but you can give it a try this was from brand called “Sangria“.

Jewelry : My own jewellery brand “Beadifulthingz”

Instagram link : https://www.instagram.com/beadifulthingz/

Facebook page Link: https://www.facebook.com/beadifulthingz/

Love XOXO.


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How to style your ethnic and look awesome everyday

A plain white chicken kurti and a palazzo who don’t have this in their wardrobe.

It is only the matter of matching it with your perfect jewellery,hairstyle and a little makeup is all you need to rock the look.

Yes jewellery plays a major role when you wear ethnic it can be trendy one, junk one or the the tribal type pick it very carefully.

I love wearing german silver or you can call them oxidised jewellery.

This is a jaipuri set that perfectly goes with your indian ethnic wear.

Jaipuri jewellery are my favourite when it comes to styling them with my ethnic wear.

Simple makeup not much huss fuss is required. I personally prefer lesser is better.

1. Eyeliner + kajal

Eyeliner from lakme absolute range

Kajal from plum goodness (purple one).

2. A pink lipstick or any nude lip shade is perfect.

Lipstick from “Nykaa” purchased from “Nykaa.com”

Shade name- Naughty nude

It’s a perfect warm peachy nude shade. Its one of my favorite everyday shade. this can be carried out not only in winters but all year around. It goes on almost every Indian skin tone.

That’s it girls.

Try this simple, easy breezy ethnic look and do leave a comment below if you like this blog post or you want to see more such posts.

Love xoxo



Indian Wedding/Festive look || Simple n quick


A bit late for this blog post, but I believe that it is better late then never. We Indian girls have to be geared up for any event or wedding in some relations or in some neighbor or anywhere else. So l bring up this post specially for working women. We always have so many things going in mind that we end up putting only lipstick with a good dress but we ignore those small minute things that can drastically enhance our complete festive/wedding look.

So let’s start with the very important part i.e.

1.)Hair style :


Make a side parting. Take some of your hair, move it in the opposite direction and pin it, also twists and turns may get complicating, but it’s well worth it. I always try these simple hairstyles hacks, what I basically do is I always twist my hair, and make it look good. By god grace I have frizzy and unmanageable hair :P. So when I twist and turn by parting my hair and leave my hair open by default they give that curly look to my hair.

Girls consider yourself yourself lucky if you have frizzy hair there is so much to do with your hair, you can try lots of hairstyle and there you go.

Make a messy bun or braid one side of your hair or a high ponytail. There is so much to do with your hair don’t just stop experimenting, keep exploring and Try it for some casual chic in under a minute.


Let’s go to the next most important thingy:

2.) Big Jhumkas :

Dangling jhumkas have been a part of the Indian culture and they make you look so gorgeous in instant time no matter how light is your neck piece. Sometimes it is okay to not to wear anything at all in neck because your jhunka thingy is too gorgeous.

It would be better if you go for a kundan jhumki as it goes very well on all your outfits whether it is a heavy suit, or a heavy saree or any indo-western gown. These days there is lot of variety in market for these jhumkis as mentioned below :

a.) Kemp Jhumkas

b.) Stone Jhumkas

c.) Silver Jhumkas

d.) Kundan Jhumkas( My fav one) :*


3.) Good Lipstick, and a kajal, and a blush on

I agree there are lots of pretty girls who prefer less makeup look ;reason could be so many (skin allergies, sensitive skin, makeup does not suiting you) there could be n number of reasons but a good lipstick, and a kajal with a blush on does not harm your skin at all.

For lipstick I would say it would be better to pick a bright shade if you are attending an event in the night time and go for a nude and light color tone shades for the morning events. And as I say kajal and a blush on will not take much of your time.

For a blush, the major confusion is basically to pick which one(of-course pink does no solve purpose all the time)

If  your skin is a warm or cool tone, then go with shades like mauve, rose and pinkish plum.
If you have kind of darker skin tone, then go with shades like orange, copper, almond or peach is
Those with a neutral look can have any color while those with pink tones can get away without a blush at all.

Last and most important thing is “A beautiful bindi”. This is more like a hinch with a tinch.(My personal fav one is small Swarovski bindi that goes well with everything ethnic). You can also pick one as per your choice.


That’s all 🙂

Love you all beautiful girls out there.


Happy festivities!! :*